Our departments

Product, Research and Development

We stay true to keeping our research and development team in-house, based right here in New Zealand. We export our skills across the Tasman and lend our knowledge base in creating bespoke payment solutions for a multitude of industries, including the taxi and banking sectors.

Working closely with our R&D teams, our technical know-how and ability is second-to-none. We develop and deliver complete payment solutions for industry sectors, regardless of their technology base.

Through our research, testing, and development we are recognised as the market leader in providing smart payment solutions to New Zealand, and growing within Australia. Having this asset has allowed us to find smarter and more efficient ways of doing things to innovate new products and services to our customers.

Sales and Marketing

Our marketing department promotes and drives sales of your payments products and provides the necessary research to identify our target customers. It’s important to keep a strong marketing department intact regardless of the economy so we remain visible in a market full of ‘noise’. Working closely with product and our sales department is vital to identify opportunities to exploit to improve on lead generation and keep sales strong.

With marketing trends changing quite rapidly we have kept up with this and have identified the best channel methods to use to communicate to our main stakeholders.

By researching the payments industry we identify problems and opportunities to grow the Smartpay brand, with our online presence being a key driver in our growth, along with digital marketing to create greater exposure in market.

The sales team is the face of Smartpay. We ensure our sales staff have in-depth knowledge about our products and new developments with the support of marketing to be able to interact with customers in creating a unique buying experience both onsite and offsite. Client management and retention is something we value strongly.


Our operations department is an integral part of the company. They are responsible for the administration of our business practices to create the highest level of efficiency possible in the daily running of our business. Every process we undertake is done with the notion and strategic planning that it will maximise the profit of the organisation.

Our EFTPOS terminals are sourced from one of the largest leading international suppliers of secure electronic payment terminal hardware to date. For Smartpay this means we supply our customers hardware units that are reliable, secure, and durable.

Customer Service and Technical Support

We’ve built our business on delivering great customer service, to all our customers whatever their size. It’s a recipe for success that we continue to invest in. With our entire business focused on delivering customer satisfaction we ensure our employees see problems right through to its resolution.

Our 24/7 technical helpdesk team ensures that customer service sits at the very core of our business, and that our customers can rest easy in the knowledge that we’ll keep them being able to take payments, because keeping businesses up and running is our number one priority.

Finance, Accounting, and Human Resources

Our Finance & Accounting department is the backbone of our company – the support that keeps Smartpay running smoothly each day. They manage the profitability of our company and all administrative work. Our finance team works with all parts of the business to optimise the company’s financial performance, combining focus and a ‘can do’ mind set to add value to a range of critical activities.

People are at the heart of our success. We ensure we identify and inspire exceptional and diverse talent for today and tomorrow. We put ideas and enthusiasm ahead of hierarchy and we employ passionate people who share our ambitions in delivering innovative and seamless payment solutions to every consumer.