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Why integrate with Smartpay terminals?

Smartpay is a leading independent full-service EFTPOS provider across Australia and New Zealand.  We directly service over 25,000 merchants with approximately 35,000 EFTPOS terminals. With a decade of payments expertise, Smartpay has a history of innovative first to market solutions developed by it’s in house technology team, such as taxiPOS and our UnionPay Direct app that enables all merchants to accept UnionPay, even if their acquiring bank doesn’t offer UnionPay acceptance. Smartpay is an independent acquirer in Australia for eftpos, Visa and Mastercard, and also for Alipay in both Australia and New Zealand.

Leverage the power of open API architecture for seamless payment integration. SmartConnect let’s you quickly and securely integrate payments into your application.

Flexible & Device Agnostic

Pair any API-enabled payment initiator, running on any device, to any payment terminal or device running the SmartConnect client. SmartConnect is already integrated with a range of POS systems.

Real-Time Data & Analytics

Portals and APIs for easy integration of rich data information into existing systems. SmartConnect captures the data bundled with transaction requests (such as SKUs, GST), enabling real-time data warehousing. Additional APIs can expose this data for business intelligence, fraud analysis, advanced analytics or e-invoicing.


Able to support an unlimited number of devices, with fast response rates.

A Development Partner

Smartpay can collaborate with your technical team, or any other third party, if any bespoke development work required. Smartpay’s agile development processes are very lean, enabling fast delivery of quality software.

Accelerated integration

Leverage SmartConnect for speed to market. If your application can already call an API the implementation is quick. Smart Connect is a cloud based integration meaning no local installations.

Performance and Scalability

Able to support an unlimited number of devices, with fast response rates.

Open eco-system

Become an easy partner for external developers and companies to work with. Open API architecture enables 3rd parties to integrate and grow the eco-system with ease. Benefit from new integrations as they become immediately available to existing payment terminals, such as Alipay QR acceptance.

Acceptance of QR Code

By integrating with Smartpay, your customers will have the option of integrating not only EFTPOS and credit card payments, but also QR payments. Smartpay terminals will soon offer Alipay acceptance, and we are actively looking at other emerging payment methods to incorporate.

Get started today

Step 2: Get In Touch

Contact Amanda Frith, our Partnerships Development Manager – AUS and NZ, to discuss your options.


Phone: +64 9 442 2721

Step 3: Development

Implement our tools to develop your POS app payment functions.

Step 4: Test & Release

Test your solution and submit the completed POS to Smartpay to review prior to releasing.

Client feedback

From the clean pairing flow to the speed of transaction, through to the valuable insights and management we gain from the platform. It’s safe to say that it’s superior to most and offers Vend, and our customers, an optimised solution.

Chris Connelly
VP of Payments, Vend

An interface that can be implemented fast is not easy to achieve, however Smartpay have certainly created an easy to implement interface with SmartConnect.

Louis Badham