Accept QR payments on the same terminal you use for EFTPOS or credit card transactions.

Simple and seamless, it can even be fully integrated with compatible Point of Sale.

  • Smartpay has signed an agreement with Alipay, China’s largest online and mobile payments provider.
  • Alipay has over 520 million active users in China.
  • Under the agreement, Smartpay will directly acquire Alipay transactions, giving approximately 25,000 merchants access to an estimated $11 billion in Chinese tourist spending across Australia & New Zealand¹.
  • Smartpay customers will be able to seamlessly process Alipay payments on the same terminal as their Eftpos and credit card payments, making Smartpay the only acquirer in both countries to provide an integrated terminal offering.

How it works

To start from your Point of Sale: If your Point of Sale is integrated for QR payments, simply enter the sale, and select QR payment on your tender screen.
Skip to step 4 if your POS and EFTPOS are integrated.

To start from your terminal: Select Alipay or WeChat Pay on the terminal.

Choose purchase and enter amount.

Terminal displays a QR code for your customer to scan.

Your customer sees the total amount payable in their own currency and approves the transaction in Alipay or WeChat Pay with their pin.

Once the transaction is approved on your terminal a receipt prints for you and your customer. If your POS is integrated it will close the sale.

Powered by SmartConnect – an Open API, cloud-based integration platform

Flexible & Device Agnostic

Pair any API-enabled payment initiator, running on any device, to any payment terminal or device running the SmartConnect client.

Open eco-system

Become an easy partner for external developers and companies to work with. Open API architecture enables 3rd parties to integrate and grow the eco-system with ease.

Accelerated integration

Leverage SmartConnect for speed to market. If your application can already call an API the implementation is quick.

A Development Partner

Smartpay can collaborate with your technical team, or any other third party, if any bespoke development work required.

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¹ Tourism Forecasts 2017, Tourism Research Australia, Canberra.   $9.79b Chinese tourist spend (based on total spend 2016/17 and proportion of 24.6% from Chinese tourists). Forecast to be $26.2b in 2026–27.  International Visitor Survey: IVS pivot table June 2017, Ministry of Business – NZ, Innovation, and Employment $1.5b Chinese tourist spend year ending June 2017.