Partner with Smartpay for a white label solution

Best-in-class solution, under your brand.

Add EFTPOS services to your offering.

Extend your offering easily with Smartpay

Extend your offering easily

Incorporate EFTPOS services into your merchant offering and build your business proposition

Grow revenue with Smartpay

Grow revenue

Add EFTPOS services revenue and improve retention by increasing product holdings in your base

Reinforce your brand

Reinforce your brand

Your brand can be across the key touch points in our white label solution

Partner with Smartpay

Leverage our scale and expertise to get a secure, reliable, innovative EFTPOS proposition into market.
Partner with us and have confidence that you can offer a EFTPOS terminal and Merchant Facility to your members.

Proven products

Our products have been tested thoroughly and have been proven in the market in a wide range of business types, providing confidence in the robustness of our terminals and technology

Flexible solution

Our offer is designed with flexibility to allow your Credit Union to select the level of service that is appropriate for its members

End to end support

We can manage the full customer lifecycle including sales, onboarding, support and billing.

Innovation you can leverage

Take advantage of our technology development and experience to be seen as an innovator of new solutions for your customers

Leverage our scale

You and your customers are backed by our skilled customer service and technical support teams

What we offer

Smartpay is a Payment Facilitator, connected to Cuscal. We provide the following services:
  • EFTPOS terminal driving
  • Transaction switching
  • Scheme connectivity
  • Payment processing
  • Chargeback processing
  • Licensing
With our decade of experience in designing, building and selling payment solutions, we will work with you to:
  • Define your solutions and any customization
  • Develop a plan to sell the EFTPOS facility to your business members
  • Assist with marketing & positioning our solutions
  • Support you if needed to promote the service to your members
  • Provide ongoing support and assistance

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Learn more about:

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