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Annual Reports

Smartpay Annual Report 2021

Smartpay Annual Report 2020

Smartpay Annual Report 2019

Smartpay Annual Report 2018

Smartpay Annual Report 2017

Half Year Reports

Smartpay Half Year Report 2020

Smartpay Half Year Report 2019

Smartpay Half Year Report 2018

Smartpay Half Year Report 2017

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Smartpay Trading Update March 2022

Smartpay Trading Update Q2 FY22

Smartpay Trading Update Q1 FY22

Trading Update April 2021

Smartpay Trading Update Jan 21

Smartpay Trading Update Feb 2020

Business Updates

Director Announcements – May 2022

Chairman’s Address to the annual meeting of shareholders

Smartpay Result Announcement FY19

Smartpay Holdings Audited FY18 Financial Statements

Smartpay Results Announcement 2018

Smartpay Audited Financial Statements 2017